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December 2018

It was 7:30 in the morning when I opened my eyes. The room was dark. My consciousness tried to identify the place I was at. The alcohol consumed during the last night's dinner at Mher’s house, whose family offered as a shelter for the first night of our hitchhiking trip along the Silk Road of Armenia, had its negative impact. I slowly regained my memory; we were in the village of Berdavan. By 8:00 AM everyone was up. Mher’s older

“Here, write down my phone number and make sure to call me when you arrive in Vanadzor. We'll show you around,” the mid-aged driver named Spartak dictated his phone number, then started the engine and drove away, leaving me and Emée, my travel companion, standing on the central square of the town of Bagratashen. Located about 200 km north of Yerevan, Bagratashen was the starting point of our hitchhiking trip along the Silk Road of Armenia. The idea of the journey