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Lake Sevan, Armenia.

About Us

Who We Are

Situated on the crossroad of routes that link the East to the West, Armenia has always attracted travelers from all over the world. Thanks to its geographical position, throughout centuries Armenia developed into a unique and mesmerizing culture that reflects the country’s history – from ancient times to modern days. Route Armenia was born with an honest desire to introduce Armenia in a way we see it – hidden and modest, monumental and subtle, simple yet majestic. Our project is an open invitation for anyone who wants to learn the narratives of Armenia, listen to its sounds, contemplate it and experience its colors and tastes.

Route Armenia is a travel platform where you can find planned tours, as well as design and shape your personal itinerary. These specific programs underwent years of personal explorations before being enriched and shared with you. More importantly, Route Armenia is not just about places but about people, too. People, with whom we built long-lasting friendship as a community of devotees that construct and develop Armenia to their extent.

We are a community of people who contemplate this life and the world we live in, explore our surroundings, learn and share. People from different professional backgrounds – historians, artists, ethnographers, geologists, photographers, biologists, simply explorers who are willing to share their Armenia with you. We believe that Armenia is yet an undiscovered land and it opens up to every traveler that walks its routes. Nevertheless, we appreciate the fact that Armenia is not a mass tourism destination, because of which the country preserved its authenticity.

We don’t believe in borders and artificial barriers created to separate people. We aim to unite people from different backgrounds and encourage cultural exchange, with the hope that at the end of the day there will be more understanding. This in its turn will give start to new friendships and peaceful relations.

Our Mission

Route Armenia is not simply a tour operator that takes travelers to popular tourist destinations. Our tour programs include remote and hidden sites that are often neglected and doomed to disappear. We aim to raise awareness about these sites not only among the local people but on the international level as well. To achieve our goal, we want to involve locals in this process, enabling them to be the voice of the sites. A unique manifestation of centuries-old co-existence of the locals and attractions. In such way, we hope to develop sustainable tourism for local communities. This is our vision and our mission.

Today, modern life spins around big cities, and Armenia is not different. Yerevan is literally the center of social and cultural life of the country, and this leaves the rural communities of Armenia behind. Even though Armenia is considered a low risk country for investments, there are only a few funding projects for specific places, which results in most of the human resources being concentrated in those areas, leaving the rest of the parts underdeveloped. Route Armenia is about how we want to change the current situation and shift the attention to these remote locations, in the same time, making sure not to damage the authenticity, the natural and communal lives of the sites.

Traveling to a particular destination itself values that place and makes it worthy for revival. For this purpose, Route Armenia enlarges its team of specialists like historians, archeologists, ethnographers, art historians, political analysts, anthropologists, economists, who can influence on this process in their professional circles and consistently deliver this question to the state level.

Travel to Armenia, explore its lively routes, learn about its history and cultural heritage, understand our worldview, discover your own inspirations and share your moments with local people who define Armenia in so many different ways. Then become a storyteller yourself and share your Armenia with your friends and family.