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Mount Ara and Kasagh canyon. Weekend tour in Armenia.

Weekend Routes

Visit the must-see destinations of Armenia

Our weekend tours in Armenia offer travelers a great opportunity to escape the daily routine and embark on a captivating journey through Armenia. Take a break from your work and business meetings, explore Armenia’s history and culture, enjoy fresh mountain air and breathtaking landscapes, taste delicious dishes of traditional Armenian cuisine and discover the exquisite blends of Armenian cognac and wine.

Book your weekend tours in Armenia with Route Armenia tour operator, based in Yerevan.

Start your weekend tour in Armenia with a city tour in Yerevan, explore the different layers of…
2 days
“Wine Stories” is a weekend tour in Armenia that takes travelers to the wine making region of…
2 days
Start your weekend tour in Armenia with a city tour around the capital of Armenia, Yerevan. Visit…
2 days
Join our “Hello, Gyumri!” weekend tour in Armenia and explore Armenia’s cultural capital – the city of…
2 days
“Southern Mysteries” weekend tour in Armenia starts with a visit to the monastery of Khor Virap, the…
2 days
“Northern Tales” is a weekend tour in Armenia taking travelers to the northern regions of Armenia. We’ll…
2 days