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Looking for a destination for your next family trip? Armenia is a perfect location for it! Our “Family Album” 8-day family tour in Armenia is designed for people who want to explore a new destination that is interesting and extraordinary, safe and hospitable, and where you can feel like home. You spend four nights in…

$900 / per person

“Armenian Chapter” is a unique 10-day family tour in Armenia created for families who want to explore new cultures and spend some fun time together. Travelers spend five nights in Yerevan and four nights in the provinces of Armenia. A mesmerizing journey around Armenia: travel to cozy towns and villages, explore medieval monasteries, mysterious caves…

$1165 / per person
10 days

Our 12-day “Big Armenian Journey” family tour in Armenia is designed for families who want to learn and introduce their children to Armenia, its culture and history. You spend four nights in Yerevan and seven nights outside the capital, visiting all the important and also hidden treasures of the country. This route is a comprehensive…

$1455 / per person
12 days

“A Week in the Highlands” is a family tour in Armenia created for families who are going to make their first journey to Armenia. This is a 7-day radial tour, during which travelers will be based in Yerevan and will have 1-day trips to different regions of Armenia. The tour combines both the most popular…

$810 / per person
7 days