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Spiritual Weekend

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Spiritual Weekend

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Start your weekend tour in Armenia with a city tour in Yerevan, explore the different layers of its history. Visit the Mother Armenia monument, which provides one of the best panoramic views of Yerevan. Explore the heart of Armenia’s capital – the Republic Square, wander around the Cascade complex and the Cafesjian contemporary art park, visit Matenadaran – the museum of ancient manuscript.

On the second day of your weekend tour in Armenia, you’ll explore the history and spiritual traditions of the country. Visit Etchmiadzin, the religious center of Christian Armenians, and explore the nearby St. Hripsime church – a masterpiece of Armenian national architecture. Travel north-east to visit the 1th-century AD Hellenistic temple of Garni. Learn about the Holy Spear at the nearby cave monastery of Geghard.

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Tour highlights:
  • Yerevan city tour – learn the history of Armenia’s capital
  • UNESCO World Heritage site Etchmiadzin Cathedral
  • St. Hripsime church, a masterpiece of medieval Armenian architecture
  • Garni pagan temple, the only surviving pagan temple in Armenia
  • Geghard monastery, a unique monastic complex that housed the Holy Lance
  • Levon’s Divine Cave, a mesmerizing maze on the outskirts of Yerevan
2 days
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    Museum Tickets
    Personal Guide
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    Air tickets
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    Subway tickets
    Transfer to/from airport
    Wine tasting

Yerevan City Tour – Mother Armenia – Republic Square – Yerevan Metro - Cascade – Matenadaran - Genocide Memorial – Agricultural Market

A city tour in Yerevan to explore the different layers of its history. Visit the Mother Armenia monument located in the Victory Park, which provides one of the best panoramic views over the capital of Armenia with Mount Ararat in the background. Explore the central Republic Square and the surrounding parks, then take an underground tour to the administrative district of the downtown where the Parliament building, the Presidential Palace, the National Academy of Science and other cultural buildings are located. Walking along the Baghramyan Avenue, we’ll visit the Cascade complex and the Cafesjian park to see the contemporary art center with its unique collection. Our next stop is Matenadaran – the museum of ancient manuscripts. Learn about the ancient Armenian alphabet and the long traditions of translation skills. From here, we’ll drive to the Genocide memorial, representing one of the most tragic events in Armenian history which today makes a significant part of Armenian national identity. Another stop at the agricultural market of Yerevan, where you can get acquainted with local produce.


Yerevan – Etchmiadzin Cathedral – St. Hripsime Church – Garni Pagan Temple – Geghard Monastery– Levon’s Cave

On Sunday, visit the mother cathedral of Etchmiadzin that was founded in 301AD, a year when Armenia officially adopted Christianity as its state religion. Listen to medieval liturgy in the main church. Visit the St. Hripsime church to learn the history of women martyrs and explore the typical Armenian national architecture principles developed in the 7th century. Both Etchmiadzin Cathedral and St. Hripsime Church are included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Visit the 1th-century AD Hellenistic temple of Garni, located in the Kotayk province of Armenia, a 40-minute drive north-east of Yerevan. The temple seats on a cliff overlooking the breathtaking Azat gorge. Continuing the road, we’ll reach a stunning monastery carved out of a mountain – the monastery of Holy Spear or Geghard, sometimes referred to as the Armenian Petra. Part of the monastery was carved in a single massive rock in the 13th century AD. Both the temple of Garni and the Geghard monastery are recognized as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Back in Yerevan, visit another manmade miracle – the Levon’s Divine Cave. It’s an astonishing large maze dug right under a small house where the family of the cave’s creator still lives.

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